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Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE) partners with Cambio


The demand for workers in areas, like healthcare, supply chain and others has never been more critical than today. Two businesses are now joining forces to offer solutions to help organizations find top candidates while ensuring their talent pool is diverse.

Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE), founded by Erika Jefferson to support underrepresented women in STEM through networking, mentorship, and career development is partnering with Cambio, a multi-faceted recruiting and diversity platform founded by Neil Patwardhan and Bob Richards. Both organizations are focused on truly moving the needle on DEI hiring in meaningful way.

BWISE, with its professional job board and network of over 15,000 scientists, engineers and technologists, can focus on guidance to employers and diverse job seekers with a focus on black women in STEM. And Cambio, through its Diversity Engine and analytics, can spotlight diverse candidates and ensure biases are surfaced and focus on delivering top candidates.

BWISE is focused on bridging the leadership gap for Black women in STEM. It was founded with the purpose to support underrepresented women through networking, mentorship and career development. The group primarily consists of black women from middle management through senior leadership with degrees in the sciences, math and engineering (even if they no longer work in that field) who would like to connect with others. The organization provides a platform and a space to share career experiences and be empowered.

Cambio’s mission is to create a more human experience in the world of recruiting and job searching with video, and make the process more transparent and fun by embracing the swipe culture of viral mobile applications. A powerful part of our platform is the ability to surface under-represented qualified talent vs jobs through a sea of resumes through our engine to ensure recruiters get the right visibility. The company aims to speed up the hiring process and lead the way in diversity hiring to help companies meet their workforce goals for 2020 and beyond.

For additional information, news and updates on BWISE, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

For additional information, news and updates on Cambio, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

NMSDC – A Message From The President

Like everyone in the network, NMSDC’s national office is innovating every day to keep our mission and our work moving forward during the COVID-19 virus emergency.

Take a look at this new update from NMSDC President/CEO Adrienne C. Trimble about how the NMSDC is working in this environment – and how that is reshaping our plans for 2020.

NMSDC is mobilizing on the virtual level. Our national office and our regional affiliates are all operating remotely, in safety and security, but we are still conducting business as usual. We are here for you, as always.

We hope you are participating in our new, weekly virtual Town Halls – online every Thursday afternoon. Join us this week for our live stream on YouTube: How CPOs Are Responding: The Corporate Perspective on the COVID-19 Business Challenges.
Technology is allowing NMSDC to keep the conversation going between MBEs and corporate members, even as we are all isolated. Engagement so far in the Town Halls has been vigorous, thought-provoking, and helpful in these difficult days. Stay tuned to your email and social media for more information on these can’t-miss events.

Sadly, as you know, the health emergency has forced the postponement of Leadership Week and the Leadership Awards gala. We hope to reschedule or otherwise make the planned content and meetings available to you.

We are also monitoring developments to see how they might affect our “destination” events later in 2020 – notably, the Program Managers’ Seminar July 14-16 in Orlando, and the annual Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange October 25-28 in Phoenix.

We will keep you apprised of developments as they occur.

Staying in touch is vital during this crisis. Never has it been more important for all of us to remember that, even from a distance …

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Webinar Series

Two Upcoming Webinars-Business Resource Group Leadership Development and the Impact of Supplier Diversity Outreach Activities

Join Us for Our FREE Webinars on 3/25 and 4/21


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Developing Business Resource Group Leadership

Kristine Maciolek Small, PPL Corporation and Deb Dagit, Deb Dagit Diversity

Business/Employee resource groups can be one of a company’s hidden treasures, helping to identify new sources for the talent pipeline, shining a spotlight on current and high potential leaders and creating a cross-functional multi-level team of advocates to help retain valued employees. BRGs are also a key component of a successful diversity and inclusion strategy, helping to improve culture, serving as advocates and allies for awareness and change.

Successful BRGs have effective leaders who know how to connect and collaborate with members, colleagues and more importantly, the company’s leadership.

Join Kristine Maciolek Small, PPL and Deb Dagit, Deb Dagit Diversity, to understand how leadership development opportunities for BRG leaders and members can improve professional skills and foster BRG collaboration across demographic and business lines, thereby increasing the effectiveness of not just the BRGs, but the enterprise.

This webinar will offer useful insights and ideas for BRG leaders and members, human resource professionals, business managers and both formal and informal executive sponsors.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Impact Analysis: Supplier Diversity Supporting Activities
How does data inform the impact of outreach activities to advance opportunities for diverse suppliers?

Jose Espinoza, CalWater
How do you prioritize activities? Why measure impact? What does impact look like? Join Jose Espinoza, as he reviews a data-driven program: the importance in measuring impact, top-five activities; he will share tips for supplier diversity managers, advocacy organizations, and diverse suppliers. He’ll conclude with how to implement a similar approach.

In addition to going beyond demonstrating diverse spend, this webinar will illustrate the importance of each step in the supplier diversity process including why it’s important to know where diverse suppliers are coming from, so you can identify barriers. More importantly, when you have current metrics on suppliers, those metrics can be used to encourage supplier diversity growth.

The webinars and the work of NUDC is made possible in part by grants from Academy Securities, ACT-1 Group, AG Tools, Alcoa Traffic Control, American Association of Blacks in Energy, American Water, Anonymous, Arnita Smith, Burns Environmental Services, Inc., C.L. King & Associates, California Water Association, Center for Energy Workforce Development, Conitsha Barnes, Connecticut Water, Consumers Energy, Damian Rivera, Diversity Comm, Donna Ruff, Dr. Alexander Washington, Duke Energy, Edison Electric Institute, Exelon Corporation, Gainesville Regional Utilities, Gunster, Heather McCreary, Hispanics in Energy, Jesse Castellanos, Liberty Power, Loop Capital, MFR Securities, Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council, New York Power Authority, NRG Energy, Osceola Consulting, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Penserra, Philadelphia Gas Works, PJM Interconnection, PPL, Ruben Strategy Group, S&H Metal & Fabricating Co. Inc., Salesforce, Sanjay Kucheria/Trinus, Southern California Edison Company, Southern California Gas Company, Southwest Gas, SouthWest Water Company, TAS Strategies, TechSoup, The Dowling-Woo Company, The ELITE SDVOB Network, Utility Workers Union of America, Yolanda Pollard; Support for the Diversity Toolkit also received from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity; the Supplier Diversity webinar series is sponsored in part by generous support from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Laurie Dowling, the executive director of the National Utilities Diversity Council is hosting a webinar on The Workforce Diversity Toolkit.

This will generate important new pathways for the utilities industry and the workers, companies, workforce providers, government agencies, and regulators who dedicate their efforts to strengthening energy work force opportunities for diverse communities.

To register, visit .

Airport Restaurateurs, Retailers and Small/Minority Businesses Urge Airports and Congress to Provide Financial Relief Industry Experiencing Unprecedented Business Impact

AMAC and ARRA logos

WASHINGTON, DC (March 18, 2020) – The Airport Restaurant & Retail Association (ARRA) and Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) urged airports and Congress to quickly pass financial relief for airport restaurateurs and retailers given the unprecedented business impact caused by the spread of the Coronavirus and resultant COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of both organizations, which include restaurants, gift shops and retail stores, have been seriously impacted given the rapid decline in airline bookings and passenger counts which are falling at unprecedented rates. Further, several state and municipalities are closing restaurants, including at airports, to help contain the spread of COVID-19. All stakeholders in the industry—airlines, airports, airport retailers and restaurateurs, and other related companies—are financially suffering.

The associations represent a $10 billion industry made up of firms of varying sizes, including many small and local businesses which contribute $2.5 billion to airport revenue streams. Together these businesses employ more than 125,000 workers in U.S. airports. The restaurants and retail shops are a vital part of the airline passenger’s travel experience, and a major revenue source on which airports depend for their operations, development and bond financing.

John Clark, Chair of AMAC commented, “Our members are suffering tremendous sales losses exceeding 50% and in some cases as high as 90%. The industry is facing a major financial crisis. Many businesses, including those classified as small and/or disadvantaged, may not be able to continue operations.”

Restaurateurs and retailers in the aviation sector are contracted by airports, airlines and third-party developers to provide passengers a full range of food, beverage and retail services. Pat Murray, Chair of the ARRA explained, “our members’ ability to retain and pay employees, as well as pay rents to airports, has been seriously jeopardized. Some of our members will likely be unable to meet our debt obligations and will be forced out of business if quick action is not taken to provide relief.”

The two associations urged airports to engage with their members quickly and adopt mitigating actions to save the businesses:

• Waive rent, other fees and the imposition of penalties for at least six (6) months with the opportunity to extend depending on the extent and impact of the crisis.
• Suspend and defer concessionaires’ capital investment requirements.
• Provide operational flexibility including, but not limited to adjustments to operating hours, locations and menus/product selections as well as selective temporary closing of stores and restaurants in order to better align with passenger volumes and flows and reduce the impact on employees.

ARRA and AMAC strongly support the airports’ request for emergency financial assistance and flexibility to help sustain operations, preserve jobs and bonds, including assistance and flexibility for concessionaires during this critical time. ARRA and AMAC urged Congress and the Administration to also provide financial relief and assistance to airport concessionaires to ensure business continuity, secure loans and make debt service payments. Specific measures ARRA and AMAC urge Congress and the Administration to act upon are:

• Provide grants and low-interest or interest-free loans to concessionaires to allow concessionaires to cover operating expenses.
• Provide loan guarantees to concessionaires to assure their ability to continue making debt service payments and secure loans for their ongoing capital investment requirements.

About Airport Restaurant & Retail Association
The Association’s mission is to work collaboratively with aviation-industry trade associations and the airport community on matters of policy decision-making with a collective impact on restaurant/retail members. As members of the airport communities we serve, ARRA members have an expertise and understanding of best practices in the complex aviation restaurant and retail operational environment. Our knowledge can ultimately deliver powerful solutions of benefit to our airport partners.

About the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC)
The Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) is the only national, non-profit trade association dedicated to advance the full participation of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation and aerospace industries. Since 1984, AMAC has been at the forefront of nearly every national policy initiative impacting the participation of disadvantaged businesses in airport contracting. AMAC works consistently with Congress, the Federal government, aviation trade associations and others as a resource for information, education and guidance on business and employment matters. For more information, visit

Emerging Researchers National (ERN ) Conference 2020 Presentation Award Recipients



Health Care HR Week 2020 Sponsored by ASHHRA

Health Care Human Resources Week will be observed March 16-20, 2020. It is designated to recognize human resources professionals in health care organizations across the nation for their important role across the continuum of care.

For more information visit

2020 Marks the 13ᵗʰ Anniversary of the Women Presidents’ Organization 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies™ Sponsored by American Express

50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companiesᵀᴹ Deadline Extended to March 1, 2020!

To be eligible, companies must be:

• Privately owned

• Women-owned/led

• The business must have generated at least $500,000 (USD) in 2015 revenue (and every subsequent year)

• Revenues must be converted to USD

Applicants are not required to be WPO members.

International businesses are encouraged to apply.

Click HERE to apply!

AWIS Innovation Summit 2020

AWIS Summit

Visit AWIS Innovation Summit for more information about this Spring event coming to Houston, Texas.


Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Announces Recipients of the 2019 Women Who Count Awards

The National Awards recognize outstanding women who exemplify AFWA’s core values in career and life, and set a positive example for other women in the accounting and finance industries.

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) announced the recipients of the 2019 Women Who Count Awards during the annual Women Who Count Awards lunch held October 22, 2019 in Orlando, FL.

This year’s recipients demonstrate a drive to take on challenges and strive for success. They are leaders in their companies and communities. They’ve earned the trust and respect of their clients and peers. And they show enthusiasm toward their career and the accounting and finance industry as a whole.

Emerging Leader: Kelsey Scott
Director of Finance, Brief Media, Tulsa, OK
Kelsey Scott
In 2015, after just two and a half years of studies, Kelsey Scott earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Oklahoma State University. She began her professional career as an accounting assistant with Brief Media and has quickly risen through the leadership ranks, now to Director of Finance. She demonstrates an emerging pattern of leadership as a result of a fierce passion for finance done right.

Emerging Leader: Nicole Hopkins
Director of Business Retention & Expansion at Tulsa Regional Chamber, Tulsa, OK
Nicole Hopkins
Nicole Hopkins is the Founder of multiple Tulsa networking groups, and an active participant on a number of community volunteer Boards. She demonstrates leadership in AFWA within her local Tulsa chapter and within AFWA’s National LEAP Advisory Council. Nicole’s impact on the community is evident, and she’s not stopping yet! Says a former co-worker of Nicole’s, “When I think of the impact that Nicole has had on her community, I’m amazed at the tenacity, creativity, and passion that is inside of her.”

Women Who Count Award: Jaime Oehlwein
Vice President of Finance at ACH, Edwards, IL
Jaime Oehlwein
Jaime rose to leadership positions early in her career. Following the financial crisis, as the only manager left standing in a startup manufacturing company, she was thrust into leadership positions and responsible for running the facility on its own cash flow. When others may have given up her integrity did not allow it. She successfully ran the facility on its own cash flow while entertaining prospective buyers. Jaime is now the Vice President of Finance for Advance Correctional Healthcare. She demonstrates commitment to her team and company by working alongside her employees with a positive attitude and passion for producing quality work. She is a trusted leader who doesn’t shy away from recognizing her team’s successes or providing coaching when necessary.

Women Who Count Award: Jill Mitchell
Professor of Accounting at Northern Virginia Community College, Arlington, VA
Jill Mitchell
In her roles as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, adjunct professor at George Mason University, and Wiley author, she invests her deep knowledge of the accounting profession and collaborates with students to help them achieve their educational and professional goals. She gives her time to the DC Chapter of AFWA and the Virginia Society of CPAs, among other organizations. She is grateful for the opportunities the professionals in these organizations provide for her students. This award and others are a formal recognition of Jill’s superior accomplishments in teaching, research, and service.

“These women are not only successful in their own right, but they are pulling up the women behind them to ensure their success as well. That is what AFWA is about. I am incredibly proud to have these amazing women in our AFWA network, and proud to recognize them with these awards,” said AFWA National President, Laura Mangan.

About The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance:

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance promotes the professional growth of women in accounting and finance. Members of the nationwide association benefit from opportunities to connect with colleagues, advance their careers, and become industry leaders. For more than 80 years, the organization has proudly upheld its mission to enable women in all accounting and related fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession. Visit for more information.